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CaseFleet Helps You Win More

CaseFleet provides tools you need to succeed in your litigation.

Our Story

CaseFleet was founded with a simple dream: give lawyers an edge in litigation. We set out to do this with our intuitive, yet powerful, case management software that organizes case facts, tracks key deadlines and runs an entire litigation practice. We designed our unique features based on our own experience as litigators and, more importantly, by working with some of the best litigators we know.

Our dream was born the same way most are – out of a desire to solve a problem. CaseFleet was founded by a litigator who tried all of the software options available to small and mid-sized firms. Nothing worked or even seemed to be based on an actual understanding of what litigators do. So, with a team of some of the best software engineers around, we started building. We firmly believe that software can make a difference in client outcomes and in the success of a practice.

Working from our headquarters in Atlanta, we strive every day to improve and expand the tools to consistently and continuously bring our users the best product on the market.

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Our Mission

Winning a case isn’t just about telling a good story, but about proving each element to ensure success. At CaseFleet, we help lawyers, litigation teams, experts and investigators master the facts of their cases. Our goal is to simplify case analysis, making it easier for all types of users - from large law firms and government offices to solo practitioners and small businesses - to review documents, collaborate with peers and put facts first. We believe that resources and money don’t win cases: facts win cases.

How We're Different

CaseFleet offers a different solution from the dozens of other legal case management software platforms in the market. Our unique case chronology technology allows you to organize and map out the facts of each case in a timeline, ensuring that important details such as witnesses, dates, locations and more can be recalled at the click of a button. Each entry can be tied to a contact or document, so you don't have to search through multiple systems for the information you need. More importantly, CaseFleet’s timelines allow you to gain insight into the nuances of the facts of your cases, so that you can understand each piece of evidence and legal element in a rich context.

With our tools, all the information of a case is laid out for you.
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