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Practice Manager

Practice Manager - available in our Professional Plan - adds case management, project management, and practice management features to the CaseFleet platform.

Case Management
Organize your case from top to bottom by assigning users, checking when cases were most recently updated, assigning tasks, and much more.
Tasks & Calendaring
Keep clear records of everything you need to do on each case, and never miss a deadline. Tasks are integrated with in-app notifications and "the week ahead" email to give you seamless collaboration. 
Settlement Tracking
Who made the last move in negotiations? What's the midpoint between the last offer and demand? Answer these questions and more with our settlement tracking feature.
Lead Tracking
Track each potential case as a case-in-waiting. Collect documents, assign tasks, and convert it to a case if you decide to proceed. Say goodbye to messy Excel spreadsheets for tracking new leads!
Document Automation
Create standard templates for correspondence, pleadings, and other court filings by uploading templates to CaseFleet. To download a pre-filled template just click "Generate Document" on any contact, case, or lead.
Generate invoices for your cases with the click of a button. We provide a simple interface for finalizing the draft invoice and downloading it in PDF, Word, or CSV format. You can also check your total receivables in an instant using our Accounts Receivables Report.
Simple, fast, and intuitive, our Time Tracker feature takes the hassle out of recording your time. Just click new entry and fill in the details later!
Trust Accounting
Accept trust retainers and hold client funds in your trust account with confidence, knowing that your ledger is balanced and up-to-date. If you have clients with multiple cases, you can even transfer balances between open matters, and apply funds to invoices.
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