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Support - Case Activity Feed

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Overview #

Keeping track of case activity is an important part of managing a well-organized case file. By using the CaseFleet activity page, you'll always know when the last communication with the client happened, be able to locate internal case notes with ease, and view case events, all with a click of a button.
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Creating Notes and Touches #

Use Notes to keep a record of internal case notes on the file and use Touches to document communications such as emails, phone calls, and letters. 

Both Notes and Touches are created from the "Activity" tab in the case navigation bar. 

Where to find case activity tab

To add a Note to your case activity page, click the "Add a Note" button in the upper right. Fill in the memo section with the relevant information and attach a document. There is also a place to attach documents.

To create a Touch, click the "Add Touch" button. Creating a touch will memorialize the content of the communication, with whom you communicated, the date/time the communication occurred, and the type of the communication. As with Notes, there is a place to attach documents. 

Additionally, emails assigned to cases are also logged as touches. 

Example of creating notes and touches

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Using Filters in the Activity Feed #

Our filters help you quickly find the information you need when you need it. Use the filters to limit dates ranges or search by type of entry. You'll note that in addition to being able to search by Note or Touch entries, the activity page lists all calendar events you create.

Using filters on activity feed