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Support - Contacts & Leads

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Overview #

CaseFleet helps you track potential client leads and maintain organization over an ever-growing list of contacts for your firm. Document lead sources, keep records of communications and store case-related materials for each lead. Convert a lead to a case with the click of a button, and house all of your contacts in one place to easily see how they relate to your cases.

Contacts and Leads are grouped together in CaseFleet. Access either by clicking on the CRM icon on the left-side menu bar:

Once you click on this icon, you are automatically taken to the homepage for leads. Use the toggle at the top to move to contacts or emails. 

For more details on working with contacts and leads, please see the sections below.

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Leads #

Leads are how you track your new business opportunities in CaseFleet. Essentially, a lead is a potential case. It could represent a new business that is thinking about hiring you or an individual who has a claim that you might take on a contingency basis. Either way, tracking your interactions with potential clients is (1) valuable for assessing your marketing efforts and (2) important from an ethical standpoint.

Creating and Editing a Lead

To create a Lead, toggle to the Leads view, then click the “Create a Lead” button in the upper right corner. You will be prompted to enter the person or entity’s contact information, add or update the stage (e.g. awaiting return call), and notate the source of the lead (e.g. AVVO). Note: Users with account administration permissions may customize the lead stages and sources from the Firm Settings menu.

The new lead form allows you to either create contact information for a person or business who isn't in your database of contacts yet or link to an existing contact so you don't duplicate your data.

To edit a Lead, select the lead you wish to modify and then click the "Edit" button from the Lead Overview page. Make sure to save your changes. 

Tip: Use filters on the main Leads page to narrow results by stage, status, or user. Filters can become particularly helpful for prioritizing work. For example, use filters to identify which leads require a return phone call or are under review but not yet engaged.

Navigating the Lead Menu Bar

The Lead menu bar appears on the left side of the screen once a lead entry has been opened:

  • Overview: Shows whether the Lead is accepted, declined, or open. Open means the lead is neither accepted as a client nor declined and needs further follow-up. Note the buttons at the top of the Overview page that allows you to log communications and notes on your lead, convert your lead to a case, or generate a document from your saved document templates.
  • Activity: See all communications (we call these “Touches”) and notes pertaining to the Lead. You have the option of attaching documents to touches and notes you create. The Activity page also includes search functionality, making it easy to find exactly what you are looking for.
  • TasksCreate tasks for yourself or for others by clicking the "Create a Task" button in the upper right corner of the Tasks page. Use filters to see tasks assigned to you, assigned by you, completed or incomplete. Note that tasks assigned to you will also appear your comprehensive task list accessible through CaseFleet’s main navigation bar.
  • Documents: Houses all documents linked to a Lead. Documents attached to a Note or Touch will appear here as will new documents you upload from this Documents page. To upload a document here, click the "Upload Document" button in the upper right corner. If your Lead is later converted into a Case, the documents will automatically become part of the case file.
  • Audit logs: See all activity related to your Lead.
  • Assigned UsersAssign additional members of your team to a Lead. Once assigned, the team member will receive notifications for the Lead in the Notification Center.

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Converting a Lead to a Case #

Converting a Lead to a Case is easy. Simply select the lead you would like to convert, then click the “Convert to Case” button from the Overview page. Once your lead is converted, don’t forget to update your case information, including adding the case name and case number. Note: once a lead is converted, the person or entity’s information will be listed on the Contacts page, no the Leads page.

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Contacts #

Adding a Contact

From the Contacts page, click “Create a Contact” in the upper righthand corner. If the contact you are adding is an organization rather than a person, check the box next to “entity” - if you are adding a person, leave the box unchecked. Enter all information for the contact you have available. Use the memo box to add additional details. When you are finished, click the "Save" button on the bottom right. The contact has now been created. If you begin adding a contact but change your mind, click the “cancel” button to exit the creation screen. 

Editing or Deleting a Contact

Select the contact from the contacts list that you wish to edit or delete. Then click the "Edit" button in the right-hand corner. To edit, make the updates you need, then click “Save.”  

To delete, click "Delete."  You will be prompted to confirm your action. Click "Cancel" to cancel. Click "Delete" to delete the contact - this action is irreversible. 

Note: If the contact was assigned as the primary contact for a Lead, that lead will also be deleted when the contact is deleted. 

If the contact was assigned to facts on a case timeline, the contact will be removed from the fact, but the fact will remain. The contact will also be removed as a case contact when the contact is deleted. 

If the contact was assigned as a case contact, the contact will be removed from the case upon deletion. 

If you have a trust account set up for a contact you will not be able to delete that contact without first deleting the trust account - you will receive an error message. 

Navigating the Contact Menu Bar

The Contact menu bar appears on the left side of the screen once a contact entry has been selected:

  • Overview: Provides basic details such as address, email, and phone number.
  • Documents: Houses documents linked to a lead. For example, attach a CV or fee schedule for an expert.
  • History: Shows the date the Contact was created and last modified.
  • Cases: See which cases are connected to the Contact.
  • Leads: Displays all sources (and potential sources) of business you have from the Contact.
  • Emails: A catalog all touches designated as emails for your Contact.  

Search for a Contact

In the search bar above the contacts list, begin typing the name of the contact you are searching for. The list will filter based on your entry.

Adjust List View

You can sort the contact list based on the headers of each column (alphabetically or reverse alphabetically by Name or Email, numerically or reverse numerically by Phone Number). Simply click on the column header to sort.

You can adjust how many contacts you see per page using the drop-down box in the lower left. Use the arrows at the bottom of the list to navigate through the list of contacts.