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Support - Document Automation

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Overview #

Don't waste another day re-creating the same documents over and over again by hand. With CaseFleet's document automation feature, you can create and upload templates with a variety of case, contact, lead, and global fields. When you need to create a form document, an instant download is just a click away.

Read on to learn how to create and use templates.

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Creating Templates #

A template is simply a Microsoft Word document with certain special fields included in it. Fields are always surrounded by double curly braces. Here are a few examples:


You can find a list of all the available fields in Firm Settings > Document Automation. From there, click "Show template help" to view the list:

Click on the field you wish to insert to copy it to your clipboard so that you can easily paste them into a Word document.

A few tips for ensuring that your templates work smoothly:

  • Don't apply formatting to part of a field. If you apply formatting, apply it to the entire field, including the curly braces. Partial formatting will cause a field to not be recognized.
  • Don't use any fields other than the fields listed in firm settings. Unrecognized fields will not be converted to values when you generate a document. (If you need other fields for your documents, shoot us an email at support@casefleet.com)
  • Templates must be Word documents. No other document type will work.
  • Templates cannot be larger than a few megabytes, or they will not render.


Templates help you save time by making it easier to craft form letters and documents. Some common documents that work well as templates are:

  • Engagement letters / fee contracts
  • Standard status update letters
  • Pleadings
  • Discovery requests


If you are interested in seeing a sample template, download one here.

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Generating Documents #

You can generate a new template by navigating to the contact, case, or lead that you want to appear inside the document.

Once there, you will see a generate document button at the top of the page that looks like this:


Click this button to open up the "Generate Document" screen and follow the instructions provided. Then click "Generate" to download your new document.