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Support - Logging Emails

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Overview #

Logging your important emails in CaseFleet is key to increasing your ability to collaborate with your team. Without logging, your emails won't be visible to team members - and this can pose a problem when you are working with your team on a case or on a lead. Read on to learn how to start attaching your emails to CaseFleet today.

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Using Your BCC Email #

To get started with CaseFleet’s email feature, visit your user profile. Here, you will find your personal BCC email address for logging emails to CaseFleet.

To log an email, simply copy this address into the BCC field of any email you want to log. You can save time by adding your CaseFleet email address as a contact with a name like “CaseFleet BCC” in your email program (e.g., Outlook or Gmail).

Please note that every user has a different BCC address - you should only use your own unique address.

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Automatic Email Routing #

To save you time, CaseFleet always tries to route your emails exactly where you need them to go.

  • If you send an email to an email address that belongs to a contact assigned to one and only one open case, the email will automatically be copied to the activity feed for that case.
  • If you send an email to an email address that belongs to a contact with one and only one open lead and no open cases, the email will be copied to that lead’s activity page.


Because CaseFleet always follows these rules, you will never be surprised by where an email is routed. For cases that don’t fit these rules, CaseFleet prompts you to route your emails manually from your Leads & Contacts page.

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Linking Emails Manually #

If CaseFleet can’t link an email to a lead or case, it is considered to be “unassigned.” When you get a notification of an unassigned email, either click on the notification (upper right) or visit your list of emails logged within the Leads & Contacts tab. When you pull up the unassigned email, first check to see if there is a contact connected the email. If there isn’t a contact linked, then you must link a contact when you edit the email.


You can link an email to a case, a lead, or both. After you’ve linked the email, you will see the email appear in the activity feed for the case or the lead:

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Logging Responses to Emails #

If you need to log an incoming email, or if you forgot to log an email when you originally sent it, you can log it after the fact by forwarding the email you want to log directly to your BCC address. You'll need to route the email manually to the case or lead it belongs to.