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Support - Timekeeping

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Overview #

Whether you track time for attorney's fees or bill as a regular part of your practice, CaseFleet makes it easy accurately record your time.

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Setting your Billing Rate #

Before you begin billing time, it is important to set your billing rate. To set a default billing rate, visit the Overview page on your User Profile. The rate you enter here will automatically appear on time entries for all cases.

On occasion, there may be a need to bill at a rate that is different from your default rate. To set up a special rate for a particular case click on “Assigned Users” in the case menu and then click the pencil icon to edit your rate.

Setting a specialized billing rate

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Using the Timer to Create Time Entries #

Using our timer to track time is easy. Simply click the timer icon in the upper right corner and then click “New Entry”. The timer automatically starts, allowing you to quickly capture time without having to first worry about assigning the time to the right case.

To stop the timer, click the red bullseye button.

To assign a time entry to a case, click “+ add details”. From there you can designate the case, timekeeping category, and create a time entry memo. If you don’t see the category you need, visit Firm Settings > Time Entries to add a new category. To edit a time entry, click the pencil icon.Using the timer to track time

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Manually Entering Time Entries #

There are two ways to manually enter time entries. To enter time while working in a particular case, click the "Time" button from the case navigation bar then click "Create a Time Entry". 

You can also add time entries from the global CaseFleet navigation bar on the left side of your screen. To enter time here, click the "Time" button and then click the "Create a Time Entry" button. Make sure to assign your time entry to a case. 

Manually entering time entries