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Timeline software for writers

A clear chronology is essential for both fiction and non-fiction writing. Learn how Casefleet can help you organize your next book, screenplay, or article.

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CaseFleet Timelines litigation chronology software
Timeline of the Battle of Austerlitz

Know who, what, where, when, and why

Casefleet helps investigative journalists, biographers, novelists, and other writers organize detailed and complex chronologies. Every event you create in our software falls into place via links to:

  • The persons, things, or places involved;
  • The date, time, or range of dates and times;
  • The category or tags for the event; and
  • Any evidence that supports or proves the event.
By organizing the key events of your narrative in Casefleet, every angle of your story will be easy to see and recall.

Review and search documents

If you're writing non-fiction or historical fiction, odds are that you'll need to review numerous primary and secondary sources. With Casefleet's built-in document review and search features, you can easily and efficiently incorporate references and details from documents into your timeline. You'll also be able to run full-text searches against the text of documents.

To see how Casefleet can help with your work, schedule a demo today.

Visualize temporal relationships and storytelling

With Casefleet, your carefully-constructed narrative can be viewed as either a chronology or a timeline. When viewing events as a timeline, you'll see exactly "where" in time they occurred. If X happened just after Y, then those events will be close to each other while other events will be more distant.

In the world of your story, you'll be in firm control of coincidences, and you'll have a master view of when everything occurred, empowering seamless storytelling.

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