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Case management software for building stronger cases

Casefleet's case management software empowers lawyers to build winning cases with tools for reviewing evidence, organizing facts, and identifying trends.

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Helping to win cases since 2016.

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I really appreciate the attention to constant improvement. Going with Casefleet still remains one of the best business decisions I've made.
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A better way to build cases

Casefleet is a robust case management software for lawyers that brings together the facts of your case, important witnesses, relevant issues, and key pieces of evidence in an intuitive interface.
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Master the facts

Casefleet's comprehensive case management platform features robust chronology construction tools that utilize case timelines, vividly demonstrating the sequence of events, the involved parties, and the evidence supporting each fact.

Manage your documents

Casefleet's document reviewer feature uses powerful patent-pending technology to provide lawyers with a unique solution for quickly entering and reviewing the evidence in your case. Create facts and link information in your chronology as you analyze your evidence. With Casefleet’s document management, your cases will be organized like never before.

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Step into 21st century litigation practice with Casefleet. A truly useful tool for effective advocacy. Powerful and easy to use, Casefleet helps bring success to our clients and to our law firm.

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Benefits of case management software

Better case outcomes
Casefleet’s case management and chronology building tools help lawyers and investigators achieve better outcomes for their clients. With all facts, documents, witnesses, and legal issues organized and linked in Casefleet, presenting a case during a trial or mediation becomes both easier and more persuasive.
More efficient collaboration
Traditional case management techniques that rely on paper files or loose arrangements of electronic documents create numerous burdens. No one knows which documents remain to be reviewed, and adding new staff to a case is difficult and time-consuming. With Casefleet, all of your records are organized by default, and collaboration is built-in, ensuring that your case or investigation is managed efficiently and effectively.
Powerful insights revealed
Perhaps the greatest power of Casefleet is its ability to uncover new connections and insights in a case or investigation that would otherwise remain hidden. With full-text search across all records in a Casefleet and deep linking of evidence and facts, you’ll be in the best position to uncover case-winning arguments and “smoking guns” evidence.
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Full-text search

Search through all your case files and documents in an instant. With result highlighting, you can quickly jump into a matching document to viewing the text in context and create new facts for your chronology.

Powerful reporting

Imagine generating a statement of material facts, a complaint, an outline for cross-examination, or initial disclosures with the click of a button. It's now possible, thanks to our reporting feature, which generates professional work-product, including linked documents, when you need it.
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What is case management software?

Case management software is technology that helps law firms better manage their case information: facts, documents, witnesses, tasks, and legal issues. Case management software makes it easier to organize facts, build chronologies, review documents, manage tasks, and much more. By using case management software, law firms can improve productivity and accuracy and have key case information in a centralized location.

A Better Way to Build Cases