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View and Filter Case Activity Feeds

Legal Case Management Activity Logs

Review recent activity logs for a seamless collaborative experience with your team, and to ensure everyone is informed on the latest updates to your cases.

Case Activity Tab CaseFleet

Collaborate effortlessly

Activity logs can facilitate better communication and collaboration with your team. Everyone involved can see the status of the case and what others have been doing, including:

  • What action occurred and when
  • Which user performed the action
  • Where to view the associated record
Saved View Case Activity Tab CaseFleet

Create snapshots of particular data sets

Set your filters and use the Saved Views feature to quickly access specific information in the future. You can also set a default view, which will load automatically when you visit the Activity tab in your case file. 

Universal Activity Feed CaseFleet

Establish accountability

In addition to the Activity tab in each case file, users with administrator permissions can view a list of global actions in the account, across all cases.

With clear accountability for actions and decisions, it's easier to spot inconsistencies, detect errors, and avoid potential problems down the line.

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