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Legal case management software

Streamline your legal workflow with Casefleet's intuitive legal case management software, empowering you to efficiently organize, collaborate, and succeed.

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CaseFleet Timelines litigation chronology software

Unlock efficiency with Casefleet: your ultimate legal case management software.

Designed with simplicity in mind, Casefleet’s intuitive interface eliminates the need for extensive onboarding. Dive into advanced features like deposition transcript management, full-text document review, and robust fact analysis, all supported by exceptional customer service. Experience the freedom of subscription flexibility, making Casefleet the adaptable solution for legal teams of all sizes.
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Fact chronologies & visual timelines

Effortlessly construct legal timelines within Casefleet case management software, mapping out interconnected facts, pivotal witnesses, pertinent issues, and crucial evidence. Streamline your case analysis and strategic planning with intuitive visual representations.

Document review

Expedite your review process with Casefleet's comprehensive document review capabilities. Easily highlight or search for relevant information linked to specific dates, times, contacts, issues, claims, notes, and evidence. Seamlessly integrate audio/video files and deposition transcripts, supporting over 50 file types. Resume work effortlessly with the "Jump Back In" feature.

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Customer review of Casefleet's chronology software

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Casefleet provides a great fact management platform with a built in timeline chronology. It really helps organize documents for attorneys to allow them to see the big picture of their cases. It also allows experts and investigators to review complex cases and provide notes for comparison. I have been using it more and more for a reviewing platform with great results.
Investigative Paralegal / Arkansas
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Case outlines & customizable reports

Enhance efficiency with Casefleet's report generation and export options, enabling the generation of customizable reports for various legal purposes. From crafting opening and closing statements to producing document summaries, medical chronologies, motions, and more, Casefleet case management software simplifies the process of creating essential legal documents.

Full-text search

Utilize Casefleet's robust full-text search feature, augmented with character recognition (OCR) technology applied to each document. With the assurance that no detail goes unnoticed, conduct thorough searches across your case documents, ensuring comprehensive analysis and discovery.

*Full-text search is available with Casefleet's Standard and Enterprise plans.

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One of the nicest things about Casefleet is when you start creating the facts, it's just easy to go back and look at the chronology that it's creating for you as you're progressing through the matter.
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Risa Beck, Paralegal Manager, Hutchison & Steffen / Las Vegas
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Robust filtering

Expedite data analysis and retrieval with Casefleet's robust filtering capabilities. Quickly narrow down specific data sets to extract valuable insights, facilitating informed decision-making and strategic planning.

Task management & activity feed

Foster seamless collaboration within your legal team’s case management with Casefleet's task management and activity feed features. Whether collaborating with colleagues, co-counsel, experts, consultants, or clients, Casefleet streamlines communication and enhances teamwork, ensuring efficient case management and progress tracking.

Tasks Universal Tab Case Collaboration Task Management

Legal case management software FAQs

What is legal case management software?
Legal case management software helps lawyers and legal professionals manage key case information, organize timelines of case events, and ensure that documents are easily accessible and searchable.
How does Casefleet’s legal case management software enhance reliability and accuracy?

Casefleet’s software is designed to provide a high degree of reliability and accuracy, enabling users to manage complex information faster and more efficiently with innovative cloud-based technology.

Can I work seamlessly with outside counsel using this software?

Yes, Casefleet’s case management software allows you to collaborate easily and efficiently with outside counsel, making all case-related information accessible in a cloud-based environment.

Who benefits most from using legal case management software?

Lawyers, paralegals, and other legal professionals benefit from using legal case management software, especially in litigation case management, where organizing vast amounts of data is critical.

What makes Casefleet’s software unique in managing litigation cases?

Casefleet features robust tools like full-text search, timeline creation, and document review, helping legal professionals to manage litigation processes faster and more accurately.

How much does legal case management software cost?

The cost of legal case management software varies significantly among different providers and depends on features, the number of users, and other factors. Casefleet's pricing ranges from $40 to $100 per user per month, depending on the plan and features required by the law firm (see pricing page here).

Always check for additional costs like set up, onboarding, data storage, or migration fees when comparing software options to ensure you get a comprehensive understanding of total expenses.


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