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How Casefleet compares

Choose Casefleet for a smarter way to manage legal cases, where our technology and service quality clearly outshine our competitors.

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CaseFleet Timelines litigation chronology software

Casefleet is a powerful alternative and competitor to CaseMap Cloud.

Casefleet is a great CaseMap alternative that allows for easier setup, includes integrated document review, and is a mature and polished product. 

Casefleet CaseMap Cloud
Easy to get set up; no installation required
Data visualization included
Comprehensive database for tracking facts, witnesses, documents, and legal issues
Runs on Windows or Mac
No server required to collaborate with teams
Two-factor authentication for maximum security
Data is encrypted at rest and in transit
Group permissions enable walled-off access for co-counsel and clients
Runs in the cloud and available from anywhere
Accessible on a smartphone or tablet

Since CaseMap Cloud is still a new product, we can only report what we've heard about it from our users. Here's what they say:

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Casefleet is already exceeding our expectations as far as responsiveness. Answers to our questions have been extremely prompt and helpful. User support was a significant factor in our decision to switch to a new platform, and with Casefleet we felt taken care of even before we committed to using it at our firm.

After looking at both Casefleet and CaseMap Cloud, we thought that CaseMap Cloud offered less functionality even compared to its own previous version, and fell behind what Casefleet offers.

Legal Nurse Consultant, New York

Best CaseMap Alternatives

There are a good number of competitive softwares to CaseMap to choose from. Below are the some of the best CaseMap alternatives:

  • Casefleet
  • AbacusLaw
  • Clio
  • Zola Suite
  • MyCase
  • Smokeball
  • Amicus Attorney
  • LEAP

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