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Review deposition transcripts in Casefleet

Streamline your legal case management with Casefleet, the deposition management software for efficient annotation and collaboration on deposition transcripts.
Transcript Depo Reviewer with Fact Box

An intuitive and readable transcript viewer.

Review your deposition transcripts in a clean interface that helps you pull everything you'll later need from each transcript the first time you review it. Simply highlight the text to create annotations and facts as you go.

Customer review of Casefleet's deposition & transcript review feature

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Casefleet is not simply an e-discovery tool or a document review platform. This software has allowed my firm to systematize how we handle massive document dumps and dig out key facts, witnesses, and exhibits that we will actually use during depositions and at trial. It has been instrumental in allowing us to drill down and determine what allegations can and cannot be disputed, and who we are going to call to prove-up our case. This software will allow you to take your practice to the next level. One final plus is the people who work for Casefleet. They are incredibly smart, responsive, and are great people to work with!
Real Estate and Business Litigation Attorney, Texas

Quickly mark up each new deposition transcript

Citations to a deposition must be accurate to be useful. Casefleet automatically recognizes the page and line numbers of the text you highlight and generates Bluebook-correct citations for each fact you create.

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Designate important testimony

Prepare for trial by identifying specific passages within a deposition transcript that will be presented using designations. Export your designated passages list for summarizing or sharing, or import designations from another party.

Comprehensive reporting & expert exports

Export designations along with citations directly from your files, including any linked exhibits. Seamlessly integrate all relevant data into your legal documents and presentations, making it easier to prepare for cases and share crucial information with your team and clients. With Casefleet, transitioning from review to reporting is just a click away, ensuring that every detail is documented and accessible.

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Depo Reviewer Exhibits

Efficient exhibit management

Manage and reference all exhibits linked to your depositions and transcripts directly within Casefleet. This centralized approach boosts your ability to organize and access documents quickly, enhancing your legal practice's efficiency and support system.

Advanced search capabilities

Quickly locate specific words, phrases, or references within your depositions, transcripts, and exhibits using our powerful search engine. Our advanced search tools allow you to efficiently sift through data, saving time and enhancing the thoroughness of your case preparation.

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Collaborative review features

Enhance your legal team's effectiveness with Casefleet's collaborative review tools. Team members can simultaneously access, review, and annotate transcripts, ensuring a unified approach to case preparation. Our tools include shared notes and annotation capabilities, along with real-time updates that keep everyone on the same page. Improve your team's coordination and efficiency as you build a comprehensive case strategy together, leveraging collective insights and expertise.

Deposition & transcript review FAQs 

What is a deposition transcript reviewer?

A deposition transcript reviewer is a tool designed to help legal professionals efficiently manage and analyze deposition transcripts, highlighting important facts and creating annotations directly linked to the text.

How does Casefleet improve deposition transcript review?

Casefleet offers a clean interface for reviewing deposition transcripts, with features that allow users to quickly create annotations, designate important testimony, and generate citations automatically.

Can I export marked designations and annotations?

Yes, Casefleet enables you to export your marked designations and annotations. You can summarize them, share with your team, or import designations from another party.

What are deposition designations?

Deposition designations refer to specific portions of a deposition transcript that are selected as particularly relevant or important for a case. These designations are typically used during trials to present evidence or highlight key testimony without having to read the entire deposition aloud.

Who can benefit from using this tool?

Attorneys, paralegals, and other legal professionals involved in litigation will find the deposition transcript reviewer particularly useful for preparing trials and managing large volumes of transcript data efficiently.

Is there a trial available for the deposition transcript reviewer feature?

Yes, Casefleet offers a 14-day free trial that lets you explore all features of the deposition transcript reviewer without needing a credit card.

Note: To use the specialized deposition reviewer, you must upload your transcript as a .txt file. For deposition designations, please contact support to enable this free add-on during your trial.

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