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DIY E-Discovery Ebook

For too long, lawyers have relied on outside experts to handle e-discovery for us, instead of learning the technical skills needed to run the process ourselves. By learning a few basics, you can help minimize risk in your practice and save valuable time and money. Read More

Dictionary of E-Discovery

Lawyers who “do” e-discovery tend to use a lot of hard-core terminology that is bewildering to the uninitiated. To help, CaseFleet has developed this e-discovery dictionary so you can break down some of the most forbidding e-discovery terms and see that the concepts they refer to are pretty straightforward. Read More

Legal Deadline Calculator

Litigators calculate deadlines all the time. Instead of pulling out a calendar and counting days manually to determine a deadline, use this free online deadline calculator. Read More

Quantifying the Benefits of Legal Tech Investments

white paper
There are a lot of factors to consider when evaluating the potential benefits of a new legal tech investment. In this white paper, you'll learn how to look beyond Total Cost of Ownership and analyze if a new legal tech investment can help you win more cases. Read More

Webb & Taylor, LLC

case study
When medical malpractice and personal injury firm Webb & Taylor decided to expand by adding a second office, the first order of business was to centralize case information and streamline business processes to accommodate team members in multiple locations. Read More
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