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Actionable reports for every occasion

Reports enable you to transform your case chronology into statements of fact, deposition outlines, opening statements, and more.
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Litigation-ready reporting

Each report in Casefleet gives you the ability to generate effective work product based on the contents of your case and needs at each stage. Utilize these versatile tools to generate:

  • Opening and closing statements
  • Summary judgements
  • Deposition preparation
  • Document summaries
  • Rule 26 disclosures
  • Motions
  • & more! 

Designed for success.

Casefleet's "Facts by Issues" report is key for building strong statements of material facts and outlining cross-examinations, supporting summary judgment motions. This clear, issue-focused tool helps organize and present your case effectively, enhancing both preparation and courtroom performance. Essential for crafting compelling legal arguments, it’s designed to highlight your case’s strengths swiftly and decisively.

2024-07 Designed for success

Customer review of Casefleet's reporting capabilities

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As a true solo attorney without a staff, I must be efficient. Casefleet does not waste my time. I can review records and transcripts one time and gather the information in reports that I use for settlement demand, deposition preparation and trial.

Civil Litigation Attorney, North Dakota
2024-07 Built for clarity

Built for clarity and focus

Casefleet's,  "Simple Chronology Table", formatted as a user-friendly Word document, provides a concise overview of case events. Each entry is meticulously organized by date, presenting key facts and relevant citations in a streamlined table. This format is invaluable for deposition preparation, allowing attorneys to quickly reference important details and timelines, ensuring they are well-prepared and persuasive in their arguments.

Flexibility at your fingertips

Casefleet's "Fact Spreadsheet" report is a comprehensive Excel file that organizes facts, contacts, issues, and sources in chronological order. This tool is not only perfect for a thorough review of case specifics but also allows for extensive customization. Whether you need to filter data, sort by relevance, or adjust layouts, this spreadsheet adapts to various reporting needs, making it an indispensable tool for detailed case analysis and strategy planning.

2024-07 Flexibility at your
2024-07 Documents included

Documents included

What are facts without evidence? Not much. That's why each report provides the option to download a zip file containing the documents referenced.

Generating reports FAQs

What types of reports can I generate with Casefleet?

Casefleet allows you to create various litigation-ready reports, including statements of fact, deposition outlines, summary judgments, Rule 26 disclosures, and opening and closing statements, all tailored to each stage of your case.

How do the reports enhance litigation preparation?

Reports generated by Casefleet organize case facts and evidence in a structured format, making it easier to prepare for settlements, depositions, client meetings, and trials effectively.

Can I include supporting documents in my reports?

Yes, each report generated in Casefleet can include hyperlinks to evidence cited for each fact, along with an option to download a zip file containing all the referenced documents, ensuring you have all necessary evidence at hand.

Who can benefit from using Casefleet’s reporting features?

Legal professionals such as attorneys, paralegals, and legal secretaries who require organized and accessible reports for case management will find these features particularly beneficial.

Additionally, journalists, authors focusing on storytelling, investigative journalists, medical consultants, pro se litigants, and testimony experts can also leverage these reports to organize complex information and streamline their workflows.

Is there a free trial available for exploring the reporting features?

Yes, Casefleet offers a 14-day free trial that lets you explore all the reporting features without needing to enter credit card details.

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