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Intelligent case outlines

Build your case to cover the elements of each claim and defense with our Issues outline.

Outline your case

In each case, add the legal claims involved and then link issues to those claims. Your outline helps structure your chronology and provides a visual summary of one of the most important aspects of your case.

Build reusable claims

Craft persuasive arguments effortlessly by leveraging Casefleet's ability to build reusable claims. With our intuitive outlining feature, inspired by legal professionals' needs, you can create structured arguments that stand the test of scrutiny. By referencing evidence, legal precedents, case law, and case details directly within your outlines, you ensure coherence and clarity in your arguments. Seamlessly integrate your outlines with case facts, supporting documents, and timelines, empowering you to build compelling narratives that resonate with judges, jurors, and clients alike.

Customer review of Casefleet's case outlines

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I really appreciate the attention to constant improvement. Going with Casefleet still remains one of the best business decisions I've made. In fact, I just had a trial and the ability to export the factual timeline and organize/filter facts by issues was invaluable for witness examinations. I'll share the credit for winning a jury verdict for my clients.
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Jason Shinn, Attorney

Generate work product

Set a custom order for your claims and issues to create a living outline that serves to organize the whole case. The structure of your outline will be mirrored when you run a Facts by Issues report, seamlessly generating valuable work product and simplifying motion and trial preparation. 

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