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Cross-Examination Software

The most effective cross-examinations are the end result of hours of careful preparation. With CaseFleet, you’ll develop your questions more efficiently and execute them more effectively.

Review documents within CaseFleet, creating facts as you go.
Organize all prior statements
To prepare for cross, it’s essential to review all of the witnesses prior statements, including deposition transcripts, emails, text messages, and whatever else you can obtain. All of this information can quickly be assembled and organized in CaseFleet.
Be prepared to prove every fact

When you review documents, you're not just reading text — you're building a case and automatically preparing it for trial.

Facts that you can't prove — or can't find the proof for — are useless. With CaseFleet, the proof is only a click away.

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Next to each fact, you'll see the evidence that proves it. Click on an item of evidence to view it in context.
Impeach with confidence
Impeaching a witness effectively requires you to know exactly where to find the witness’s prior statement. With CaseFleet’s automated, yet flexible citation feature, you’ll be able to impeach with confidence.




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