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Medical chronology software

Easily organize and review medical records for your case by creating a clear medical chronology and summary from voluminous medical records, more efficiently.

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CaseFleet Timelines litigation chronology software
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Medical chronology software for attorneys

Casefleet equips attorneys with powerful tools to organize and analyze medical data effectively. It offers quick identification of key medical events, seamless visual timelines, and the capability to annotate and reference records within the platform, streamlining the creation of detailed, accurate medical chronologies and medical record summaries crucial for legal assessments and case preparations.

Efficient medical records review

With Casefleet's document review feature, streamline your medical record review process effortlessly. Upload a batch of medical records and seamlessly review and annotate them all in a single step. Our intuitive interface allows you to highlight relevant portions of the records, automatically creating entries in the medical chronology. By consolidating all relevant information within Casefleet, attorneys, legal medical consultants, medical expert witnesses, law firms, and more can efficiently manage complex medical cases, collaborate with their teams, and prepare compelling arguments with ease. Experience unmatched efficiency and accuracy in medical record review with Casefleet.

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Customer review of Casefleet's medical record review software

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This software is easy to maneuver and has the best support staff to help if you have any questions. Casefleet had everything we needed and wanted included in the software. Casefleet has been perfect in helping set up Medical Record Summaries.
Paralegal, Personal Injury Law Firm / Austin, Texas
Advanced full-text searching helps you find exactly what you're looking for.

Find the medical record you need – instantly

Everything in Casefleet's medical chronologies for attorneys is searchable, even the text of the documents you upload. Casefleet also recognizes text in images and scanned PDFs, ensuring that handwritten notes or scanned documents are seamlessly integrated into your review process. With this capability, you’ll truly be able to find everything, ensuring you never miss an important reference in a medical record again.

Generate beautiful medical record reports to review

With numerous pre-built report formats, Casefleet ensures that your hard work can easily be shared and re-used by others. Whether you need a medical record summary, breakdown of treatment related to a particular condition, or a medical chronology of events that occurred during a single timeframe, we have you covered.
Turn your chronology data into beautiful reports for easy sharing and review.
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Medical record security and HIPAA compliance

Digital security is essential in handling sensitive medical records. Casefleet offers robust security measures to protect client data and supports HIPAA compliance as an add-on for any account. This enables firms to customize their level of compliance based on their specific needs. By focusing on both security and compliance, Casefleet ensures that privacy-conscious professionals can manage medical information with confidence, safeguarding against unauthorized access and maintaining the trust necessary for handling sensitive health data.

Medical chronology software FAQs: 

What is a medical record?

A medical record is a comprehensive document that records a patient's medical history, including details about their health conditions, treatment received, medical care providers, dates of visits, and medical bills. It may also contain information on potential future medical issues.

What is medical record chronology?

Medical record chronology is a detailed, time-sequenced list of medical events from a patient's history, organized chronologically. It simplifies the review process for legal and non-medical personnel by highlighting significant medical evidence and linking each event back to its source document in the medical record.

What is medical chronology software?

Medical chronology software helps legal and healthcare professionals organize and review medical records efficiently by creating clear, time-sequenced views of medical events.

How does Casefleet's medical chronology software enhance document review?

Casefleet simplifies the review of medical records by allowing users to highlight relevant information and automatically create chronology entries, which are searchable and linked to the original documents.

Can I generate reports from the medical chronologies?

Yes, Casefleet enables you to turn medical chronology data into comprehensive reports in various formats, making it easier to share insights and findings.

Who can benefit from using medical chronology software?

This medical record review software is ideal for attorneys, paralegals, medical consultants, insurance claim adjusters, and anyone involved in litigation or claims related to medical issues. Casefleet's medical review services are tailored for various legal areas such as Insurance Defense, Personal Injury, Social Security Disability, Mass Tort, and Medical Malpractice litigation.

Is there a trial available for the medical chronology software?

Yes, Casefleet offers a 14-day free trial that allows you to test the creation of medical chronologies without needing to provide credit card information.

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Streamlined workflow: creating medical record summaries with Casefleet

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1. Upload Medical Records: Begin by uploading your medical records directly into CaseFleet, where they will be securely stored and accessible for review and analysis.

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2. Review and Annotate: Dive into your medical records within CaseFleet's user-friendly interface. Utilize powerful annotation tools to create facts, link important contacts, dates, times, issues, claims, and notes. These annotations automatically populate your medical chronology and visual timeline, providing a comprehensive overview of your case.

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3. Filter and Analyze: Efficiently review, filter, and analyze your facts and medical record summaries using CaseFleet's robust features. Navigate the Facts tab of your case to gain insights into the chronological sequence of events. Utilize the date graph, advanced filters, saved views, and seamlessly switch between visual timeline and chronology views to tailor your analysis to your specific needs.

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4. Generate Reports: Leverage CaseFleet's reporting capabilities to create comprehensive summaries, timelines, and exhibits to support various aspects of your case. Generate reports for medical record summaries, medical timelines, cross-examination, motions, and more, empowering you to present your case with clarity and confidence.

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