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Medical Chronology Software

Creating a clear chronology from voluminous medical records is no easy task using traditional methods. With CaseFleet, you’ll create better chronologies, more efficiently.

Review documents within CaseFleet, creating facts as you go.
Efficient records review
Using CaseFleet’s Document Review feature, you can upload a batch of records, review them, and annotate them all in one step. Simply highlight relevant portions of the records to create entries in the chronology.
Find what you need – instantly
Everything in CaseFleet is searchable, even the text of the documents you upload. CaseFleet also recognizes text in images and scanned PDFs, so you’ll truly be able to find everything. Never fear that you’ve missed an important reference in a document again.
Next to each fact, you'll see the evidence that proves it. Click on an item of evidence to view it in context.
Generate beautiful reports
With numerous pre-built report formats, CaseFleet ensures that your hard work can easily be shared and re-used by others. Whether you need a breakdown of treatment related to a particular condition or a report on events that events that occurred during a single timeframe, we have you covered.
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