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Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started

How do I get a free trial?

Click the "Free Trial" button in the header and enter your work email address. Note that email addresses from free email providers (such as Gmail, Yahoo, etc.) require a verification step for security. Instructions for activating your free trial or the verification step will be sent by email within a few minutes of completing the free trial form.

Can I get a demo?

Yes! Just visit this page to sign up for a personalized demo. We'll email you a link so that you can choose a time that works with your busy schedule. Alternatively, click here to watch our on-demand demo video (~11 minutes).

Can I access my account from my phone or tablet?

CaseFleet can be easily and securely accessed from a tablet or phone via your installed browser, so you can view and update your information whether you're in the office or out and about. Note: Interactivity with some documents may be limited on a touchscreen.

Can I use CaseFleet if I'm not an attorney?

Of course! Many businesspeople and individuals use CaseFleet to track the facts of legal matters and other scenarios where it's useful to have a chronology supported by evidence. Even though it was primarily developed with attorneys in mind, CaseFleet has proved to be a powerful tool for investigators, journalists, graduate students, pro se litigants, podcasters, consultants, and more!

Why should I choose CaseFleet?

Because we’re the best!  😎  Of course, that’s our opinion, but we back up that claim with our ease of use, support availability, security, uptime, and feature offerings. We make it easy to migrate to us – and from us – so we’re definitely worth trying out. CaseFleet also strives to be the best platform for practicing attorneys, and our own background as practicing lawyers helps us design tools that solve real-world problems.

How is CaseFleet different from other case management solutions?

CaseFleet offers a different solution from other cloud-based practice management software. Our unique chronology building tools allow you to lay out the facts of each case, so important details such as names, dates, locations, and more can be recalled at the click of a button. Each entry can be tied to a contact or document, so you don’t have to search through multiple systems for the information you need.


What if I need help?

We’re here for you! First, we recommend checking out our Help Center which provides step-by-step instructions for each of CaseFleet‘s features. We also have a number of tutorial videos available to view on demand. You can also contact us using the in-app support chat or by email at support@casefleet.com.

What are your support hours?

We are available for support from 9am to 6pm EST, Monday through Friday. The best way to reach us is through the chat function within CaseFleet or by email at support@casefleet.com.

Do you charge for support?

Never! You don’t need to upgrade to a higher tier just to get access to great support – all of our users deserve the best support, and that’s what we provide.

Which web browsers can I use to access CaseFleet?

We recommend using Google Chrome because it is the fastest and most secure browser, and speed makes a difference when you're working on a big case. We also support and test against Safari, Firefox, and Edge.

Is CaseFleet compatible with Macs / Apple computers?

Yes! CaseFleet runs on any computer that can run a web browser, such as Chrome, Safari, or Firefox. This means that you can also run CaseFleet on a tablet or smartphone.

Can you provide training?

Yes! We offer a number of self-serve resources to help you get better acquainted with CaseFleet, including our Getting Started video, video tutorials playlist, and searchable help center. You can also ask questions using our in-app chat, or contact our Customer Success team to schedule a personalized training session for your team.

Accounts & Security

Do you see the data I enter?

We do not. We're lawyers ourselves, and we understand the importance of keeping client data absolutely confidential. The only scenario where we would access your account is when you give us prior written authorization so that we can assist you with a support issue.

How do I know the information I enter is secure?

The security of your information is our top priority, and we ensure that your data is encrypted both in transit to our cloud servers and at rest after it arrives. Our application is built on top of a highly secure and well-respected cloud platform. All information is backed up and even versioned so that all data can be recovered from a previous state. You can also export your data as often as you like to make local backups, should you wish. You can read more about our security features here.


Do you offer different prices for different kinds of users, like paralegals?

We do not. However, if your firm or organization has more than 20 users we can factor the composition of your team into a custom pricing plan.

What happens if I sign up for an annual plan and the number of users changes during the year?

If your count of users goes down during the year, a credit will be added to your account and automatically applied the next time you are billed. The credit is not refundable as cash if you cancel, however. If you add users, you'll be charged a prorated annual fee for the remainder of the year at the time the new user is added. You can read more about subscriptions and billing here.


Does CaseFleet create facts for me?

We haven't figured that out yet, but we think that our document reviewer is the next best thing. To create facts for your case, just upload documents, open them in CaseFleet's reviewer, and start highlighting! You'll create facts as you go, and each fact will be linked back to the specific documents and pages that prove it.

Can I collaborate with another lawyer or firm?

Yes! CaseFleet's free guest user feature allows you to collaborate on any case with 2 users outside of your company or firm for free! These users will only be able to work on a single case that you have assigned to them. Also, reports in CaseFleet are easily generated for quick sharing of case information outside of the application.

What if I have a suggestion for a new feature?
User feedback is a critical element in CaseFleet's product strategy. If you have any thoughts or ideas on ways our application can be improved, please let our Customer Success team know via the in-app chat or by emailing support@casefleet.com.

Got Questions?

We have answers. If you don't find what you want here, check out our support documentation, give us a call, or send us a message on chat.

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