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Master the Facts

Quickly and easily create chronologies linking facts, important witnesses, relevant issues and key pieces of evidence.

Image of date graph, facts table, and fact filtering tools
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The sheer amount of fine-grained details a lawyer must have ready at any given time is overwhelming. CaseFleet tackles this complexity by bringing together all the building blocks of your case – facts, dates, times, issues, witnesses and evidence – in one intuitive interface with chronological tools that:

  • Associate contacts with facts
  • Organize facts by relevant issues
  • Specify the date and time when a fact occurred
  • Link your documentary proof to your fact.
Master the facts

Bring order to the flood of information in your cases. Even in cases with thousands of facts, you can:

  • Search facts
  • Sort by date and time
  • Filter by contacts, issues, sources and date range
  • Quickly edit facts inline
  • Analyze and create facts from documents with Highlights
  • Export and print your timelines


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Image of reports for fact chronologies, such as statements of fact, contacts reports, and a fact spreadsheet.
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