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Timeline software: create a timeline for your case, story, or presentation

Enhance your trial preparation with Casefleet's powerful timeline maker. Structure case details by seamlessly linking facts, witnesses, dates, and documents into a cohesive chronology directly linked to supporting evidence. Experience precision to-the-second accuracy with our compelling visual timeline view. Benefit from our comprehensive legal timeline templates, seamless evidence integration, and collaborative tools, ensuring optimal efficiency and trial readiness.
2024-07 Timing is Everything

Timing is everything

Casefleet offers two views for facts: chronology view and visual timeline view, and you can switch between them with a single click. Understand how facts relate to each other by seeing them arranged precisely according to when they occurred.

See the big picture

Customize the size and content of your timeline with the use of the "scale" slider, filters, and Saved Views. 

Use the "scale" slider to adjust the width of the visual timeline shown in the minimap. The minimap is helpful to see at a glance where other facts are located compared to the section of the timeline that you're viewing at a particular time.

Additionally, you can use filters and Saved Views to narrow down on a specific set of facts represented in the timeline. 

2024-07 See the big picture

Customer review of Casefleet's visual timeline feature

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Casefleet provides a great fact management platform with a built-in timeline chronology. It really helps organize documents for attorneys to allow them to see the big picture of their cases. It also allows experts and investigators to review complex cases and provide notes for comparison. I have been using it more and more for a reviewing platform with great results.
Investigative paralegal, Arkansas
2024-07 Timeline software for lawyers

Timeline software for lawyers

Timeline software for lawyers is technology that allows attorneys to more easily organize and manage case chronologies. Legal timeline software like Casefleet helps lawyers create legal timelines, map out linking facts, important witnesses, relevant issues, and key pieces of evidence.

Collaborate on timelines with team members in real-time, ensuring all case details are up-to-date and team alignment is maintained.

Never miss a connection

The sheer amount of fine-grained details a lawyer must have ready at any given time is overwhelming. Casefleet’s legal timeline software tackles this complexity by bringing together all the building blocks of your case – facts, dates, times, issues, witnesses, and evidence – in one intuitive timeline maker that can:

  • Associate contacts with facts
  • Organize facts by relevant issues
  • Specify the date and time when a fact occurred
  • Link your documentary proof to your fact.
2024-07 Never miss a connection
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The benefit with Casefleet is the fact chronology has already been created and now you’re just manipulating it and putting it into the timeline.

Paralegal manager, Nevada
2024-07 Master the facts

Master the facts

Utilize our legal timeline software to bring order to the flood of information in your cases. Even in cases with thousands of facts, you can:

  • Search facts
  • Sort by date and time
  • Filter by contacts, issues, sources and date range
  • Quickly edit facts inline
  • Analyze and create facts from documents with highlights
  • Export and print your timelines

Flexible downloads

There are two download options intended to cover a wide range of uses: 

  • PDF, the ubiquitous format for sharing
  • SVG, making them 100% editable 
2024-07 Flexible downloads

Timeline building FAQs

What is a visual timeline?
A visual timeline allows you to view and understand the sequence of events in your case with precision and clarity, displayed graphically.
How does Casefleet's visual timeline enhance case analysis?

Casefleet's visual timelines provide an intuitive and detailed representation of events, helping you to see how facts relate over time and identify gaps or inconsistencies in the data.

Can I customize the visual timelines?

Yes, Casefleet offers customizable features such as a scale slider to adjust timeline views, filters to focus on specific facts, and Saved Views for quick access to preferred settings.

Who can benefit from using visual timelines?

Legal professionals, Investigative Journalists, Medical Consultants, and Authors who need to manage complex information and timelines efficiently will find visual timelines especially beneficial. 

Are there options to download the timelines?

Yes, Casefleet allows you to download visual timelines in both PDF and SVG formats, catering to needs for both non-editable and editable versions.

Is there a free trial available to test the visual timelines feature?

Yes, you can start a 14-day free trial without entering credit card details to explore all the features of Casefleet's visual timelines.

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