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Investigation Software

Investigators of all stripes rely on our investigation software to find the facts and organize their evidence.

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CaseFleet Timelines litigation chronology software
Regular Reviewer with Fact Box
Facts first
CaseFleet is built on a facts first methodology, and facts are the most important records you’ll be creating in the investigation software. Every fact is tied to the persons and entities involved in it, the evidence that can prove it, and the issues that make it relevant.
A new standard of precision

Each fact can be labelled with any number of tags indicating its status within the investigation software. Examples include “Undisputed,” “Disputed,” “Allegation,” and more. Facts can also be assigned precise date and time information, such as:

  • Sometime in 2010

  • Between April and May of 2015

  • On July 1, 2017 at 1:15:30 P.M. Pacific Standard Time

Next to each fact, you'll see the evidence that proves it. Click on an item of evidence to view it in context.
Fact Page Open Doc Viewer
Track sources of proof
Separate fact from fiction by organizing the evidence and relating it to your facts. Connect particular passages in documents to the facts they prove. You can also add a particular person or witness as a “Source” for individual facts.
Efficient document review
CaseFleet’s Document Reviewer can tame even the most daunting review projects. Search all documents in a case for keywords, including common misspellings; assign batches of documents to different reviewers; and create facts easily from documents as you review them.
Advanced full-text searching helps you find exactly what you're looking for.




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