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Review Your Evidence in CaseFleet using Highlights

Highlights is a powerful feature that gives you the ability to review evidence directly within CaseFleet. Create new facts by simply highlighting text, and each fact will be linked to a precise location within the document!

Build rich litigation case chronologies in Timelines

Let your first review be your final review.

With Highlights, you only need to review a document one time. In the process, you'll do more than just making new annotations or adding bookmarks - you'll actually create facts and add them directly to your chronology. Each fact is linked to the exact location in the document that proves it.

Say goodbye to re-reading the same documents each time you need to prepare a motion or get ready for a hearing.


Fast and efficient processing and loading.

Upload up to 10 documents at once. While they process in the background, you can upload more or continue with other tasks for your case. Open even the largest documents and review them from your computer, your tablet, or your phone.

Be ready to prove every fact.

When you review documents using Highlights, you're not just reading text — you're building a case and readying it for trial automatically.

Facts that you can't prove or can't find the proof for  are useless. With Highlights, evidence is only a click away.

To see if Highlights could help your practice, schedule a demo today.