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Review Your Documents in CaseFleet

Create facts in your chronology by highlighting text in your documents.

Review documents within CaseFleet, creating facts as you go.
Let your first review be your final review

Say goodbye to re-reading the same documents each time you need to prepare a motion or get ready for a hearing. With CaseFleet, you only need to review a document one time.

During the process, you'll do more than just make new annotations or add bookmarks; you'll actually create facts and add them directly to your chronology. Each fact is linked to the exact location in the document that proves it.

Be prepared to prove every fact

When you review documents, you're not just reading text — you're building a case and automatically preparing it for trial.

Facts that you can't prove — or can't find the proof for — are useless. With CaseFleet, the proof is only a click away.

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Next to each fact, you'll see the evidence that proves it. Click on an item of evidence to view it in context.
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