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Criminal Law Software

Master criminal cases, from minor offenses to major felonies, with CaseFleet. Effortlessly manage complex cases with unparalleled precision.

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CaseFleet Timelines litigation chronology software
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Advanced Search, Filtering & Timelines
Elevate your case analysis with CaseFleet's robust search and filtering tools. Seamlessly connect intricate details within cases to build a comprehensive narrative. Our intuitive timelines offer a clear, chronological view of events, aiding in strategic planning and argument formulation. This feature is indispensable for criminal attorneys who deal with complex, multifaceted cases, ensuring no detail is overlooked.
Audio/Video Reviewer

Our Audio/Video Reviewer is a game-changer for handling evidence like body-cam footage, surveillance videos, and audio recordings. This tool simplifies the review process, enabling you to identify key moments and evidence efficiently. It's particularly useful in criminal law, where audiovisual evidence can play a pivotal role. Experience CaseFleet's capabilities firsthand and see the difference in your practice.

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Powerful Reporting
CaseFleet's advanced reporting tool revolutionizes preparation for key legal documents, including motions, appellate briefs, and witness lists, as well as opening and closing statements. Enhance your preparation for key legal moments with efficient data organization and precision, all in one platform.

"With CaseFleet, managing discovery, timelines, and case facts is seamless. It's instrumental in uncovering connections and inconsistencies crucial for case success."
- Criminal Defense Attorney, Lubbock, TX.





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