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Criminal law software

Master criminal cases, from minor offenses to major felonies, with Casefleet. Effortlessly manage complex cases with unparalleled precision.

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CaseFleet Timelines litigation chronology software
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Advanced case search, filtering & timelines

Elevate your criminal case management and analysis with Casefleet's robust search and filtering tools. Seamlessly connect intricate details within cases to build a comprehensive narrative. Our intuitive timelines offer a clear, chronological view of events, aiding in strategic planning and argument formulation. This feature is indispensable for criminal law attorneys who deal with complex case, ensuring no detail is overlooked.

Criminal case audio/video reviewer

Our Audio/Video Reviewer is a game-changer for handling evidence in criminal cases like body cam footage, surveillance videos, and audio recordings. This software simplifies the review process, enabling you to identify key moments and evidence efficiently. It's particularly useful in criminal law case management, where audio-visual evidence can play a pivotal role. 


Customer review of Casefleet's criminal law software

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With Casefleet, managing discovery, timelines, and case facts is seamless. It's instrumental in uncovering connections and inconsistencies crucial for case success.
Criminal Defense Attorney / Lubbock, TX
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Powerful reporting software for criminal cases

Casefleet's advanced reporting software revolutionizes preparation for key criminal law documents, including motions, appellate briefs, and witness lists, as well as opening and closing statements. Enhance your preparation for key moments in criminal law case management with efficient data organization and precision, all in one platform.

Manage criminal law case tasks with ease

Criminal law cases involve numerous tasks, from filing motions to coordinating with witnesses. Casefleet's task management features help you stay organized by creating custom task lists, setting deadlines, and tracking progress. With seamless team collaboration, you can prioritize and complete critical actions on time, ensuring efficient and effective case management.

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Employment law resources

In this case study, learn firsthand why innovative attorneys switched to Casefleet to easily prepare fact chronology for deposition and litigation.

In this blog post, we'll provide a comprehensive guide to help you effectively prepare for the next steps in your case after a deposition. We'll cover everything from reviewing and rewriting deposition notes, to collecting and analyzing new evidence, to re-evaluating the main themes of the case and modifying your strategy as needed. We'll also discuss the importance of organizing all deposition notes and materials in a single location and documenting all important information through annotations and notes.

Discover how advanced OCR technology revolutionizes document review in legal practices. Casefleet's latest blog post explores the critical role of high-quality OCR in enhancing accuracy, improving searchability, and saving time and resources. Learn about its impact on streamlining workflows and why high-quality OCR is essential in legal document management.

Criminal law case management FAQs

What is criminal case management software?
Criminal case management software is a specialized tool designed to help legal professionals manage the complexities of criminal cases. It streamlines tasks such as evidence tracking, document management, and communication, ensuring that all aspects of a case are organized and easily accessible.
What does criminal case management software do?

Criminal case management software assists in organizing and managing various components of a criminal case. It allows attorneys to track evidence, manage documents, keep track of court dates and meetings, coordinate with witnesses, and communicate case strategies, all in one centralized platform. This helps improve efficiency, accuracy, and overall case management. 

Is Casefleet built specifically for attorneys?

Yes, Casefleet is designed specifically for attorneys. It provides tools and features tailored to the unique needs of legal professionals, helping them manage cases more effectively, organize facts and evidence, and streamline their workflow.

Is Casefleet secure?
Absolutely. Casefleet employs advanced security measures to protect your data, including encryption, secure servers, and regular security audits. Your information is kept confidential and safe, ensuring that your case details and sensitive information are well-protected.

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