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Create A Visual Timeline For Your Case

View your facts in CaseFleet with to-the-second accuracy in a compelling visual timeline.

Visual Timeline Example For A Legal Case
Timing is everything

CaseFleet offers two views for facts: chronology view and Visual Timeline view, and you can switch between them with a single click. Understand how facts relate to each other by seeing them arranged precisely according to when they occurred.


See the big picture

Customize the size and content of your timeline with the use of the "scale" slider, filters, and Saved Views. 

Use the "scale" slider to adjust the width of the visual timeline shown in the Minimap. The Minimap is helpful to see at a glance where other facts are located compared to the section of the timeline that you're viewing at a particular time.

Additionally, you can use filters and Saved Views to narrow down on a specific set of facts represented in the timeline. 

Flexible downloads

There are two download options intended to cover a wide range of uses: 

  • PDF, the ubiquitous format for sharing
  • SVG, making them 100% editable 
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