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CaseFleet in the News

Avoid Common Mistakes in Handling Medical Malpractice Claims
The outcome of a medical malpractice claim can be determined by how it is handled from the outset. CaseFleet CEO Jeff Kerr weighs in on common mistakes to avoid. (registration required) Read More
Telemedicine, AI and Predictive Analytics: The Top Tech Applications Impacting Workers’ Comp
Risk & Insurance Magazine shares how insurance providers can leverage technologies for related fields, such as CaseFleet, to organize complex claims and disputes. Read More
'Dateline' Episodes: Analysis Of Hosts, Cases Provides Insight Into Five Years Of NBC Crime Show
International Business Times reports on CaseFleet's analysis of NBC's "Dateline", giving true crime fans a better idea of what has been the show's main focus over the past five years. Read More
D.C. Court of Appeals Cancels Bar Exam Over ‘Health Emergency’
In light of the coronavirus pandemic, the District of Columbia has canceled their bar exam set for late July. According to a 2016 survey by CaseFleet, the D.C. bar had the lowest pass rate of any U.S. jurisdiction the previous year. Read More
How he did it: A journalist uncovers the Afghanistan Papers
This article shares how investigative journalist Craig Whitlock of the Washington Post thought out of the box and leveraged CaseFleet for planning and organizing his award-winning article on the Afghanistan Papers. Read More
Claims Journal: Untangling Medical Facts in Claim Disputes
In this article for Claims Journal, CaseFleet CEO Jeff Kerr discusses the advantages of using a relational database to make sense of the relevant facts in a claims dispute. Read More
Avoid the Top Mistakes in Handling Medical Malpractice Claims
CaseFleet CEO Jeff Kerr shares common errors in malpractice litigation management, and explains how an accurate chronology of events is essential in malpractice lawsuits. Read More
Technically Legal Podcast: Knowledge Management for Law Firms and Legal Departments
This episode of Technically Legal features interviews with two guests with Vishal Agnihotri, Chief Knowledge Officer (or “CKO”) for the Chicago based national law firm, Hinshaw & Culbertson, and CaseFleet CEO, Jeff Kerr. Read More
Roundup of Company and Product News from ILTACON
In this article on the LawSites LexBlog, veteran legal journalist Bob Ambrogi gives a rundown of the latest and greatest legal tech companies at ILTACON 2018 - including CaseFleet. Read More
Here are tips to uncomplicate litigation fact management software
As evidence becomes increasingly digitized, software tools, such as CaseFleet, are being developed that are designed to simplify and streamline the litigation preparation process. Read More
DIY E-Discovery: Computer Files and Electronic Evidence 101
A big part of a lawyer's job today is to identify and present digital evidence. In this ALA Legal Management article, Jeff Kerr covers the basics attorneys need to know about computer files as it relates to e-discovery. Read More
Evolve Law Podcast | Episode 108
Jeff Kerr, CEO at CaseFleet talks with Ian Connett about their product and platform. They discuss how CaseFleet is a robust case chronology software that brings together the facts of your case. Read More
Discovery Isn’t Done Till You Get Something Interesting
In this op-ed for the Daily Report, CaseFleet CEO Jeff Kerr explores how a negative view of the discovery process can impact an attorney's search for truth and justice - and shares two rules of thumb to help ensure your discovery is produces better results. Read More
The Future of Litigation: Getting Back to the Facts
Litigation is all about proving the facts of a case. In this op-ed for Above The Law, CEO Jeff Kerr discusses the gap in legal research tools between researching the law and winning in the courtroom. Read More
Need Help Finding eDiscovery And Legal Tech Software? Here’s Your Guide.
In this article for Above The Law, Kelly Twigger shares how the eDiscovery Buyers' Guide can help you quickly find technology solutions for your firm, and as an example, suggests readers check out CaseFleet. Read More
E-Discovery Can Tame Emojis, But Can’t Outpace Them
Emojis largely elude the grasp of many modern e-discovery search tools. In this piece, Rhys Dipshan of LegalTech news talks to CaseFleet's Jeff Kerr about the challenges of emoji indexing and search in discovery. Read More
Organize Your Data to Combat Alternative Facts
“Alternative facts” are bad news in litigation, and we should try to eliminate them whenever possible. In this article, CaseFleet CEO Jeff Kerr shares how organization is the most effective tool we have in this battle. Read More
Wanting to Do Something That Makes the World a Better Place
Hear about Jeff Kerr's journey from litigation attorney to CaseFleet CEO, as he shares his story and advice for fellow entrepreneurs with Neil Ball on The Entrepreneur Way podcast. Read More
Make Your Law Firm Agile: Apply the Management Secrets of Software Developers
In this article for the ABA's GP Solo magazine, CaseFleet founder Jeff Kerr explores secrets of effective law firm management learned from tech industry best practices. (registration required) Read More
Remember E-Discovery's Other Half
CaseFleet founder Jeff Kerr discusses ways inside counsel and litigation attorneys can treat the e-discovery process more holistically to efficiently build and win a case in this guest column for the Daily Report's In-House Georgia section. Read More
Managing Corporate Data in the Era of Mobile Tech and the Internet of Things
Without good data management, company data can be a liability. In this article for Today's General Counsel magazine, CaseFleet CEO Jeff Kerr advises GCs on both the legal and technical implications of protecting enterprise data. Read More
As Technology Evolves, Companies Must Consider Legaltech
All professions benefit from participation in a connected world and legal is no exception, as the digitization of everything continues unabated. In this Ipswitch blog post, CaseFleet CEO Jeff Kerr explains the need for tech-savvy legal experts. Read More
CaseFleet CEO Jeff Kerr Finds His Niche
CaseFleet CEO Jeff Kerr was featured in the Atlanta Business Chronicle's "Meet the C-Suite," where he discusses CaseFleet's continued pursuit to help litigators do their job better with effective case management and organization. (registration required) Read More
CaseFleet Recognized in Survey of Nation's Best Legal Case Management Software
The Daily Report's annual “Best Of” survey calls on attorneys and firm administrators in GA to select the nation’s best legal products and service providers. CaseFleet was a write-in winner in two categories. Read More
How to Keep Your Users Happy When Releasing a Major Update to Your Application
There’s an inherent tension in product development between improvement and stability. In this guest post, CaseFleet CEO Jeff Kerr talks about best practices and lessons learned when launching new features on your software product. Read More
Best Of 2017: The Results Are In
In the 2017 edition of the Daily Report's annual "Best Of" listings, CaseFleet ranks as one of the top case management platforms as voted for by Georgia legal professionals. Read More
Building Your Case and Preparing for Trial with CaseFleet Timelines
In May, CaseFleet CEO Jeff Kerr was honored to present to advocacy professors from law schools throughout the U.S. on how to prepare for trial using case timelines at the Stetson Law School 2017 Educating Advocates: Teaching Advocacy Skills (EATS) conference. Read More
Lex Tech Review Gives CaseFleet Stellar Review
Legal tech guru Chelsey Lambert of Lex Tech Review gives CaseFleet two thumbs up for litigation case management in her recent review of Timelines. Read More
Entrepreneur Time Management: How to Control and Manage Where You Spend Your Time
Entrepreneurs are inherently busy. In this article, CaseFleet Customer Success Officer Lindy Kerr explores how an entrepreneur's ability to manage time is a core factor in their success. Read More
Some Top New Products From 2016
All of the legal tech newsletters are weighing in on the best products of the past year. Here are a few that the folks at Technolawyer thought were the cat’s meow - including CaseFleet! Read More
Organize and Visualize the Facts of Any Case with CaseFleet’s Timelines
"CaseFleet’s Timelines saves litigators from a mess of sticky notes and mangled Word documents when documenting the facts of a case." - Lawyerist.com Read More
Legal Project Management Gaining Ground
Project planning and management techniques that have long been used in other types of industries are gaining ground among law firms. The Atlanta Business Chronicle asked CaseFleet CEO Jeff Kerr to comment. (registration required) Read More
Which Law Practice Management Programs Offer Two-Factor Authentication?
In order to keep your data secure, you should be using two-factor authentication. In this post, Lawyerist highlights CaseFleet for our security best practices. Read More
3 Startups Helping You Manage Your Legal Calendar
Managing the calendar at a law firm is a notoriously manual process. Legaltech News included CaseFleet in their list of solutions to this problem. Read More
TL NewsWire Top 25 Products of 2016 Awards
We are excited that CaseFleet has been recognized as a winner of the TechnoLawyer Top 25 Products of 2016 Awards! Check out the full list here. Read More
Innovators to Empower Legal Tech Users in 2017
In this guest article with Legaltech News, Jeff Kerr explores some of the legal tech innovations to expect in 2017, which he predicts will focus largely on empowering firms and other users to more easily access technology. Read More
Preparing for E-Discovery, Step Three: Preservation of Evidence
In the final part of a three-part series, CaseFleet CEO and founder Jeff Kerr explains how to preserve electronic evidence in preparation for e-discovery in litigation. Read More
The Records You’ll Need if You Ever Get Sued
Understanding the role of electronic evidence can increase your odds of success in a lawsuit. In the Q/A CaseFleet CEO Jeff Kerr, NCR Silver shares e-discovery tips for small business owners. Read More
Five Tips for Starting Your Own Law Firm
In this article for Attorney at Work, CaseFleet CEO Jeff Kerr shares five things he's learned about starting a successful small practice and keeping the big picture in mind. Read More
Want a successful legal career? Be nice.
According to ABA Law Student Division, you can zealously represent your clients without being a schmuck, and lawyers including CaseFleet CEO Jeff Kerr promise your career and your clients will be the beneficiaries. Read More
An Analysis of Bar Exam Failure Rates in the US
The team at CaseFleet recently did some data crunching and discovered that there are large disparities in Bar Exam success rates from state to state. Some of these findings may impact on your law school selection. Read More
Alabama Among States with Lowest Bar Exam Pass Rate
CaseFleet recently looked at Bar Exam pass/fail rates across the country to identify trends, and Alabama was found to have the fifth lowest bar exam pass rate in the country. Read More
3 Ways for Law Firms to Keep up with the Technology Revolution
CaseFleet founder Jeff Kerr discusses ways for firms to keep up with the growing technological demands in the legal profession in a guest column for Legal Management (registration required). Read More
First Look: CaseFleet
Lisa Needham of Lawyerist.com recently took CaseFleet for a test drive and shares her thoughts on the litigation case management platform in this glowing review. Read More
Evolve Law Podcast | Episode 40
Evolve Law Founder Mary Juetten hosts a podcast conversation with Jeff Kerr, CEO and Founder of CaseFleet, on the latest innovations and ideas in the legal tech industry. Read More
E-Discovery in Plaintiff’s Employment Cases: Going Native
Jeff Kerr, CEO of CaseFleet, will be presenting at the Florida NELA Labor Day Conference on Saturday, September 3. His session is titled "E-Discovery in Plaintiff’s Employment Cases: Going Native". Read More
Preparing for E-Discovery, Step Two: Opposition Research
In the second part of a two-part series, CaseFleet founder Jeff Kerr explains how to perform opposition research in preparation for e-discovery. Read More
CaseFleet Helps You Plead Not Guilty to Document Disarray
Hypepotamus interviews CaseFleet on how the company helps litigators do better in court with the help of more organized case files. Read More
CaseFleet Featured in TechnoLawyer Newswire
TechnoLawyer's post describes CaseFleet's unique offering for litigation professionals and how it fills a void in the market by supplying a comprehensive solution. Read More
Litigators – CaseFleet has Built Software Just for You
Mary Redzik at Disrupt Legal reviews CaseFleet, finding it to be a powerful and unique tool for litigators. She awards us a "24/25" for factors like ease-of-use, intuitiveness, and its potential to disrupt the industry. Read More
The 5 Software Applications Litigators Can’t Live Without
CaseFleet's Jeff Kerr describes 5 different categories of software that are essential to a modern litigation practice, including software for calendaring, managing facts, handling e-discovery, and more. Read More
CaseFleet at the Georgia Bar's Solo and Small Firm Institute Conference
CaseFleet's Jeff Kerr delivered two talk at the conference, "Powering Your Litigation Practice: from Client Intake to Trial" and "Effective E-discovery for Small Firms" Read More
Ember CLI Moment Add-On
This open source Ember CLI add-on was created by CaseFleet developer Greg Curtis for handling weekdays and weekends in moments.js, which was used to build a legal calendaring feature. Read More
Legal Technology an the In-house Lawyer
CaseFleet founder Jeff Kerr explores how investment in legal technology can yield outsize benefits for lawyers in any setting, both in-house counsel or firm attorneys. Read More
CaseFleet's Jeff Kerr speaks at NELA Summit in Los Angeles
Jeff and his co-panelists presented to a packed audience on the best techniques for plaintiff's employment lawyers to use when conducting e-discovery against corporations. The CaseFleet team also met with many lawyers while exhibiting at the conference. Read More
CaseFleet Timelines: A Powerful Tool for Organizing Case Facts and Evidence
Lawyerist's Product Spotlight on CaseFleet highlights our Timelines feature, which helps litigators map the relationships between witnesses, documents, and legal claims in order to obtain the best results in their cases. Read More
Return on Investment for Firms Buying into Tech Talent
In this guest post on Legal IT Insider, CaseFleet founder Jeff Kerr discusses how focusing more on the technology skills can make firms and law departments more efficient and, more importantly, produce better outcomes at a lower cost for clients. Read More
Dos and Don'ts of Gathering Evidence with a Smartphone
AvvoStories writer Elizabeth Weiss outlines advice from Jeff Kerr and other expert attorneys on how to effectively gather evidence with your smartphone after an auto accident. Read More
Best of the Legal Tech Blogosphere: Breach Ligitation Irony, IP in the IoT, and More
A roundup of blog posts and other musings from around the legal tech community, featuring Jeff Kerr's blog post on case timelines. Read More
Experts Speak: My Favorite Google Analytics Alternative
In this roundup blog post, CaseFleet CEO Jeff Kerr and 12 other experts share their favorite Google Analytics alternatives you could be missing out on. Read More
A Tech Checklist to Organize your Growing Business
Catherine Conlan interviews CaseFleet CEO Jeff Kerr on building the tech foundation a growing business needs to not only survive, but thrive. Read More
New OT Rules Force Small Businesses to Make Hard Choices
In this Associated Press article, a number of small business owners, including CaseFleet founder Jeff Kerr, are interviewed on how new overtime rules could have an impact growth plans. Read More
CaseFleet: A Much Smaller E-Discovery Dictionary
In this post on her blog Ride the Lightning, Sharon D. Nelson, Esq. applauds the CaseFleet eDiscovery Dictionary, "written in plain English and punctuated by wit." Read More
Designing a Calendar for Lawyers
As a lawyer, nothing is as stressful as managing deadlines. With this in mind, CaseFleet's vertical legal calendar is designed to avoid "calendar congestion" before it occurs. Read More
Preparing for E-Discovery, Step One: the Client Interview
In a recent article on Lawyerist.com, we observed that lawyers often find that clients are not forthcoming about electronic evidence they possess – and worse – may destroy it, despite instructions from their own attorney to preserve it. Read More
CaseFleet's Jeff Kerr publishes article in April 2016 issue of GPSolo eReport
In "Five Steps to Conduct E-Discovery on a Small Budget," Jeff explores how small firms can achieve success in e-discovery without breaking the bank. Read More
Solving the Problem of E-Discovery in Smaller Cases
In this Legaltech News article, CaseFleet CEO Jeff Kerr lays out steps to help avoid a system where some litigants have access to the power of electronic evidence and others don’t (registration required). Read More
The Rise of the Tech-Savvy Unicorn...err...Lawyer
Casey Flaherty of 3 Geeks and a Law Blog responds to Jeff Kerr's Legaltech News article, The Rise of the Tech-Savvy Lawyer. Read More
The Rise of the Tech-Savvy Lawyer
In this guest article with Legaltech News and Law.com, CaseFleet founder Jeff Kerr explores the two primary benefits of the rise of the tech-savvy lawyer: those related to client outcomes and those related to the business of law (registration required). Read More
Lawyer Turns Tech Geek to Launch Unique Practice Management System
Meredith Hobbs of the Daily Report profiles Jeff Kerr and Hunter Clarke and gives the backstory of the genesis of CaseFleet. Read More
Unifying the Business of Law and the Practice of Law
Ari Kaplan, author of Reinventing Professional Services and The Opportunity Maker, interviews CaseFleet founder Jeff Kerr on why technological competence has become so important for the modern lawyer. Read More
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