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Posts on Legal Tech, Litigation, & E-Discovery

Practice Management
May 12, 2017

Best Practices For Handling Unpaid Legal Fees

For a law firm, few things are as frustrating as dealing with unpaid fees. Unfortunately, it comes with the territory of running a legal practice. How can lawyers and office managers can make this inevitable situation less of a hassle? Better...

Business Development
April 07, 2017

Legal Project Management Tips For Attorneys

Developing great project management skills is critical to running a successful law practice. As lawyers, we often hone these skills by staying on top of deadlines and conducting thorough due diligence. However, in the daily grind, we can overlook...

Law Office Technology
March 31, 2017

CaseFleet Version 2.0

Over the past few months, we’ve been working hard behind the scenes, developing and implementing some exciting upgrades aimed at making CaseFleet even easier to use. We’re nearing the finish line, and we will soon be releasing CaseFleet "2.0."

Litigation Management
March 13, 2017

Quantifying the Benefits of Legal Tech Investments

In 1987, Gartner Group popularized a new term within the technology industry: “Total Cost of Ownership.” Analyzing total cost of ownership provides law firm and other business leaders leaders with a framework for determining the complete costs of...

Litigation Management
February 15, 2017

Total Case Organization as a Strategy for Winning

Being a litigator means managing an immense amount of information. Witnesses, documents, key dates, and legal issues have to be tracked and managed for each case. Your success hinges on your ability to persuade, but you can't persuade without...

Litigation Management
January 20, 2017

Critical Keys To Negotiating Settlements

A good settlement with a known outcome beats the uncertainty of going to trial almost any day.

Business of Law
December 22, 2016

Managing Your Firm's Reputation: Responding to Feedback Online

The growth of online customer reviews has greatly impacted both small and large law firms. How you respond to negative and positive feedback online is critical to managing your law firm’s reputation. Let’s take a look at some best practices for...

Law Office Technology
November 21, 2016

Email Management Tips for the Busy Attorney

Email is a quintessential boon and bane for every lawyer. It is so ubiquitous and familiar that it has become an integral part of our work. Yet, by not managing it efficiently, it is costing us more time than we realize.

If not managed well,...

Business of Law
November 21, 2016

Bar Exam Analysis: A State-by-State Breakdown of Pass/Fail Rates

For many law school grads around the United States, prepping for the Bar Exam is a long and arduous process that can lead to anxiety and stress. After three years of law school, there is no greater fear than failing the Bar. And yet, this...

Business of Law
October 28, 2016

Attorney Time Management: How to Plan, Prioritize and Stay Ahead

Lawyers are inherently busy. Filing deadlines, letters to clients, depositions, meetings, phone calls... I know that I was always looking for that magic bullet that would solve my time management woes. Unfortunately, it doesn’t existwith only so...